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    Want to improve heat detection?

    • Make life much easier!

      • Monitor your cows 24/7.
      • Draft cows in heat automatically.
      • VoiceAssist alerts.
      • Text message alerts.
      • Mobile app.
    • Can you afford to miss this?

      Can you afford to miss this?

      Independent scientific studies estimate missed heats can cost €250 and upwards.

    • New MooMonitor App...

      New MooMonitor App

      Allows you to view the data on a smart phone, iPad/tablet or website for 24-hour remote monitoring.

    • User friendly software

      User friendly software

      Our user friendly, intelligent software is an invaluable resource which allows you to analyse activity for each individual cow and the entire herd.

    • Developed for pasture & confined systems

      Developed for pasture & confined systems

      The Dairymaster MooMonitor has been scientifically proven to work for pasture based systems and where cows are confined.


    • Leading AI Companies choose MooMonitor

      AI Experts choose MooMonitor

      The MooMonitor is the most advanced heat detection system on the market and this is why partners choose to work with us!


    The most accurate heat detection system...


    New MooMonitor+ launched

    Breeding, fertility and health are critical factors for success on-farm. Dairymaster's latest product, the much anticipated MooMonitor+ that monitors each individual cow's health and fertility has arrived. Launched at Dairymaster's Global Headquarters in Causeway, Co Kerry at an event attended by the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn the MooMonitor+ allows farmers to monitor their entire herd, from their phone.

    While the original MooMonitor focused solely on whether a cow was in heat or not, the latest model can now help with animal health, reducing further the revenue lost through illness and missed heats and through networking and cloud computing, literally allows the farmer to monitor his entire herd 24X7 with his phone.

    The mobile app allows two way interaction with the system, this removes the need to go back to the computer. When the system detects sick cows it will send an immediate notification direct to your phone.

    See video or contact one of our sales reps today to find out more.


    MooMonitor - leading the way worldwide!

    Kansas State University recently published research in The American Journal of Dairy Science showing 88.6% Accurate Identification of Estrus with the MooMonitor.


    Many heats are missed because nearly 70% of activity is at night…

    Research shows that the majority of heats start between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am when the farmer should be asleep! Manual heat detection is time consuming and can have variable accuracy.

    A vital job on farm is to recognise when a cow is on-heat as successful heat detection can significantly alter profits.

    "The MooMonitor has changed the way I manage fertility on farm. I can now see from the software that a lot of animals are in heat between 12 and 5 am and when I see this I know I will draft after morning milking and call the A.I. man. The data is very informative. It shows hourly data and exactly what time the animal started to get in heat."
    Paul O' Donoghue


    Night -activity

    Missing a heat means you lose out on three weeks milk production...

    Each missed heat results in a loss of three weeks milk production in a spring calving system. Taking this into account if a cow is producing 26 litres of milk a day during breeding season and taking a milk price of .29 cent a litre every missed heat costs you up to €160. If you miss 10 heats during a breeding season this will cost you €1,583 on milk production alone, this does not take into account insemination costs, labour and veterinary costs.

    Not having accurate heat detection is costing you more money than you think!

    Independent scientific research estimates a missed heat to cost up to €250 and upwards and this can happen with each cow every 3 weeks.

    Heat detection is such an issue on farms, Esslemont and Kossaibati concluded that poor heat detection was the main reason for the estimated £200 million per year lost by the UK dairy industry from missed heats.

    Senger estimated that the U.S. dairy industry looses more than $300 million annually due to failure and/or misdiagnosis of estrus. This is expensive, time consuming and affects animal welfare, therefore accurate heat detection and the correct timing of insemination is essential on farm in order to ensure that cows calf sooner and come back into milk quicker.

    You cannot be with your cows 24/7, so you need to use the available tools to ensure that all cows in heat are identified for service. Dairymaster's MooMonitor system is the ultimate management tool that gives you accurate information at your fingertips.

    24 hour continuous monitoring!

    The MooMonitor mobile app allows the user to view the data directly on a mobile phone allowing for 24-hour remote monitoring. The AI technician or dairy producer can now remotely see data on one or many herds. The webapp can be installed on a number of platforms including PC, mobile phone, iPad, iPod etc.

    Know what is happening from your phone
    when you want!

    Our user friendly software has been developed to help you easily monitor your herd 24 hours a day. The MooMonitor intelligent software fully integrates with the Farm Messenger which can be configured to alert the user via a text message a list of cows in heat.

    The MooMonitor software also integrates with VoiceAssist so that at milking time a voice alert will play on the parlor sound system alerting the operator of a particular cow that is on heat. Our Auto-Drafting System can be set up to automatically draft active cows to a separate holding pen once milking has been completed.

    "I felt under pressure as I really had big fertility issues on farm. The main advantages of the MooMonitor system are obviously it's a time and labour saving device, it is linked to the drafting system, therefore cows in heat are drafted and waiting for AI. The system has identified cows that otherwise would definitely have been missed.

    iPad iPhone
    Man iPhone

    By using the software and checking the data it is easy to identify a cow showing no heat and this indicates to me that something is wrong so I draft the cow and get veterinary intervention much faster. I feel it has proved to be a fantastic management tool on farm. The whole system seems to work better, now cows are calving sooner and back into milk production quicker. I would definitely recommend the system especially if there is a shortage of labour on farm." Ivan Tanner

    Accurate Heat Detection can significantly alter profits on farm:

    The Dairymaster MooMonitor has been scientifically proven to work both on pasture and where cows are housed. Cows on pasture have a much greater variation in activity compared to cows indoors. Cows on pasture are the most challenging from an automated heat detection viewpoint. The Dairymaster MooMonitor has been scientifically proven to work where cows are out on pasture!

    "As I milk all year round heat detection was proving to be a time consuming job, since I installed the MooMonitor all of that has changed. The MooMonitor is very accurate, submission rates have increased to over 90% with far less time involved checking them. I find the system works equally well where cows are housed or out on pasture and I really like the idea that the system is working when I'm not." Francis Walsh

    Leading AI companies choose Dairymaster...

    Genes Diffusion the leading AI Company in France, Cogent, WorldWide Sires & Dairy Daughters the leading AI Company in the UK, LIC Australia a leading AI company in Australia and CRI Genetics the leading AI company in Germany all choose Dairymaster because of our unparalleled accuracy and measurement sensing. Dairymaster are also one of the leaders in cutting edge technology providing advanced solutions to farmers worldwide everyday.

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    Features of the MooMonitor

    For full details on the features of the MooMonitor, contact us now for a brochure using the link below.

    Economically the MooMonitor is well justified with the costs of poor heat detection being:

    • Reduced milk yield
    • Insemination costs
    • Cost of replacement animals
    • Cost of genetic improvement

    Can you afford not to have accurate heat detection?


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