Effective sanitation
    of clusters...





    Dairymaster AquaJetz is the optimum way to position the cluster during washing. The system is positioned neatly under the cow standing area and is highly efficient when used with ACRs.

    Dairymaster AquaJetz has the following features:

    • Its hygienic design - washes both the outside liner lip and the inside barrel.
    • The self latching cover helps prevent dirt ingress during milking.
    • It is positioned neatly under cow standing - less obstacles in the pit.
    • The AquaJetz is fast and easy to use and is manufactured from strong and durable material.

    Because of the design of the Dairymaster AquaJetz it is much quicker and easier to move from washing to milking position when ACR's are used. In Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlors these are fitted with an additional fully protected cover and surround.