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    Auto Teat Spraying

    Auto Teat Spraying

    Dairymaster have a  new platform teat sprayer for rotary parlors that has been designed and manufactured in-house.
    The rotary platform teat sprayer can provide both pre spray and post spray of teats. For the pre spray, the cow walks onto the rotary and when her CowID is displayed on the Milk Meter the intelligent software activates so that she is sprayed for a predefined time. For the post spray, once the cluster is removed from the cow again the intelligent software activates and there is a spray delay time, e.g.5 seconds, after which the cow is sprayed for a predefined time.
    With the Dairymaster on platform teat sprayer you can use both pre spray and post spray, others prefer to use one or the other. The longer the spray time, the more teat coverage you will get. Cholorhexadine chemical is used in the teat sprayers for both pre and post spraying. This is a very efficient method of both pre and post spraying your milking herd and it eliminates a person being required at the cups off position.