Consistent plant
    cleaning day
    after day...




    Ensure the best
    cleaning sequence!


    Reduce labour by
    one hour per day!





    The Dairymaster AutoWasher allows for consistent plant cleaning day after day.

    It is designed for all types of milking installation. It is neatly constructed in a stainless steel enclosure into which both valves and controls are fully integrated. This is normally mounted above an optional stainless steel wash trough. The AutoWasher takes over the work of washing the milking plant, which can typically reduce labour by up to an hour per day. When an automatic washer is installed it functions as a complete control console for the milking machine. It has the ability to start and stop the complete milking plant as required. The pre-programmed amounts of chemicals are accurately metered and the correct quantity of water is added. Chemicals are not handled at every wash so they can be stored safely away.

    The AutoWasher control panel is powered with extra low voltage as electrical safety is paramount in wet environments.

    The AutoWasher fully integrates and controls the parlor washing cycle. It communicates with equipment in the parlor including Milk Meters and ACR's to ensure the best cleaning sequence. An optional water recovery unit may be fitted which allows recycling some wash water for other operations on the farm.

    The AutoWasher allows for different wash cycles to be selected at the push of a button.

    • Wash sequences are fully programmable and can be easily adjusted by the user.
    • Pre-milking rinse can be programmed to commence automatically for 3 pre-milk rinses every 24 hours.
    • A safety check switch ensures that the plant is coupled for washing which ensures that washer will not start unless the machine is coupled correctly. This prevents wash solution from accidentally entering the bulk tank.
    • There is an in-built warning indicator, which flashes when the washer encounters an error such as low detergent etc.
    • A rechargeable battery power pack retains time and settings in the event of power failure.

    With an operator's time becoming more valuable every day, the time saving can be extremely beneficial and optimisation of chemical usage and water utilisation have obvious financial advantages.