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    Centrifugal Milk Pumps1

    Centrifugal Milk Pump

    The Dairymaster centrifugal milk pump has been engineered with the latest technology, materials and design. It has a multiple curved blade impeller which has a number of advantages.

    High performance efficient pumping across a range of speeds due to its unique impeller design. This also reduces running costs and noise levels as the pump efficiency is optimised. The curved impeller provides gentler milk transportation. Excellent responsiveness at all speeds which improves milk cooling where variable speed pumping is used.

    The centrifugal milk pump has a polished stainless steel head and protective cover.

    The milk pump is compatible with our air-operated milk purging system. This is used for completely emptying lines which ensures that milk is not wasted. An optional automatic drain valve may also be fitted to the pump outlet. This valve automatically releases when the machine is switched off.