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    Air Purge

    Food Quality Air Purge

    After milking purified air is pushed through the system, completely emptying the delivery line, from the milk pump right through to the milk tank.

    Food quality air purge is a device which helps reduce the amount of milk left in lines at the end of milking, if used in conjunction with the AutoWasher it may also reduce the amount of residual water in the system between wash cycles. The system allows purified air to be pushed through the delivery line which completely empties from the milk pump right through to the tank after milking. There could be as much as 20-25 litres of milk in the line depending on the distance between the receiver and the tank. Any water in the line before milking is cleared out in the same way.

    Dairymaster has engineered this micro filtered triple-pass filter system for the ultimate in hygiene.

    • More milk is cleared from the milk line.
    • Reduces post-wash residual water.
    • Reduces the amount of time washing.

    This unit can be operated standalone or automatically with the Dairymaster AutoWasher. This system can be fully utilised in all parlor types including the Swiftflo Revolver Rotary without any pipe connection or disconnection.