Smart patented
    technology to save
    you money!



    The JetSaver is an unique patented device which uses the latest technology for reducing energy consumption in milking installations. This ground-breaking technology dramatically reduces peak air demand which results in considerable energy savings.

    The JetSaver was developed in response to the relatively new challenge of increasing energy costs. As milk producers continue to grow, they must identify areas for improving their productivity and reducing costs. A vacuum pump removes air from the milking parlor which provides the negative pressure required to milk cows. Vacuum requirements for a parlor are sized according to peak demand which occurs during washing of the plant.

    Washing of the milking plant only takes between 10 - 15 minutes and the milking process can take from 1 hour to 6 hours typically, the amount of energy that is not utilized can be considerable and quite costly. Thus Dairymaster have developed the JetSaver which intelligently manages processes that add to the peak air demand during washing.

    This device saves a considerable amount of money and Dairymaster has made this device a standard feature to make your operation more profitable.

    Dairymaster has made this unique, innovative energy saving product standard on all installations.