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    Milk Diversion

    Milk Diversion Line

    Dairymaster have designed an unique milk diversion system. Milk can be diverted at the touch of a button. The system consists of a separate milk line, diversion valve, receiver and milk pump. The milk diversion line can be used with milk meters, automatic cluster removers or standalone.

    The benefit of the Dairymaster milk diversion line system is that it is fully integrated, which means that there is no need for any pipe disconnection or other attachments and does not normally require additional water for washing.

    Many farmers use the milk diversion line to control bulk milk protein and fat levels.

    This reduces labour and reduces any clutter in the milking area, which reduces milking time. Milk Diversion lines can be used on the Swiftflo Double, Swiftflo Swing and Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlor.

    This is an excellent labour saver!