The most efficient
    cluster on the market...

    In a recent scientific trial, the Dairymaster Cluster Yielded 5% more when compared to another commonly used commercially available cluster.


    Swiftflo Cluster1

    Swiftflo Cluster

    Extensive research brings the Dairymaster Cluster second to none for increased yield and reduced slippage which delivers excellent performance characteristics. The Dairymaster Cluster has developed a well deserved name for being the best on the market.

    In a recent scientific trial over a full lactation the Dairymaster Cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commonly used commercially available cluster. It is produced from high-grade impact resistant materials which enhances both durability and hygiene. Milk flow is clearly visible through its transparent bowl. It has evolved over several years of scientific research and trials to design the ideal milking cluster.

    Dairymaster has focused on both animal trials and on simulated flow experiments. Parameters such as milkout (yield) and liner slippage are measured in high producing animal trials. Flow simulation provides information in relation to teat-end vacuum level and liner wall movement. The Dairymaster cluster produces a high stable milking vacuum during the milking phase and drops in the rest period. This leads to excellent milkout and improved udder health by reducing stress on the teat. We have examined the effects of sizing on all aspects of cluster design, from the liner geometry, short milk tube diameter, claw volume and claw outlet diameter to total cluster weight. The elimination of liner slippage is an extremely important part of cluster design because slippages cause impacts on the teat end. Impacts on the teat end lead to cross infection. When the liner slips air is admitted and the admitted air can be transported and impact on the teat end. Dairymaster's cluster design has focused heavily on reducing this.

    Because Dairymaster manufactures all its own equipment, we have full control over design and manufacture, which means that we can give our customers the optimum solution.

    The Dairymaster Cluster when used with our pulsation promotes optimum results concerning milk output, cow comfort, fast milking, no fall offs and maximum milk yield. This all leads to a healthier herd and increased profits. Because the Dairymaster cluster is so unique in its performance many farmers have converted their existing milking systems to Dairymaster and experience the benefits.