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    Swing Over Arms

    The ultimate in milking parlor evolution giving shorter milk tubes, sound messages when needed and more space than ever in the milking pit. Swing over arms are a very popular choice for swing across milking parlors. The swing over arms are constructed from stainless steel for many years of trouble free use.

    Swing over arms offer several advantages, the pit is much clearer and provides a better working environment by reducing the space the droppers and clusters take up in the pit. Milk hoses are shorter; this means better milking and reduced maintenance costs. Better cluster alignment. When used in conjunction with the milk meter the swing over arm can activate the electronic milk meter control panel automatically and indicate that a new cow is being milked.

    Utilising the swing over arm with the Milk Manager VoiceAssist, cows which are flagged with messages, will have their message repeated over a speaker when the swing over arm is activated thereby audibly alerting the operator to a specific situation. An automatic cluster remover can be activated by moving the arm which initiates the milking sequence. Ergonomically friendly/User friendly. Appetiser feeding which results in increased oxytocin (milk let down); cow temperament is more relaxed hence making milking easier. Swing over arms are highly recommended to maximise efficiency in the milking parlor. Also available with recording jars.