Fast emptying!

    Turbo Transfer Recording Jars

    Turbo Transfer Recording Jars

    Recording jars provide an alternative means to milk meters to measure cow milk yields. Dairymaster have developed the "turbo transfer" recording systems in a highly efficient single lever control design to provide a number of options.

    • High speed emptying contributes to speeding up the whole milking process. This means parlor throughput is maintained as the next cow can be milked almost immediately. This is specifically beneficial in a swing parlor.
    • Milk-through position; when milk recording is not required the jar does not need attention during milking due to this unique design feature.
    • Sampling; milk samples can be taken quickly and easily when required.
    • Washing; the Dairymaster turbo jar has a high capacity intake spreader to ensure excellent washing every time.

    The option of swing over arms with Automatic Cluster Removers may be installed in turbo transfer recording jars. The jars are mounted in different positions depending on type of installation. Stainless steel tubing is used throughout the system with the minimum of rubber.