Compact and energy efficient vacuum...

    Vacuum Performance Unit

    VacuTech – Vacuum Performance Unit

    VacuTech units has been cleverly engineered to assist with easy installation.   It is adjustable to allow for variable floor levels and balancing of the unit. The bases are universal and are available in 1, 2 and 3 pump configurations. Depending on your requirements and parlor size the vacuum pumps are calculated in order to surpass what your requirement is.

    The VacuTech unit offers you a space efficient and safe option for housing vacuum pumps.

    Dairymaster use a rotary vane vacuum pump which is the most reliable pump on the market. The Vacuum pumps are manufactured using a high degree of engineering which ensures that they are quiet running and offer the maximum efficiency.

    The VacuTech unit like all Dairymaster products is manufactured within our factory, assembled and tested before being dispatched to our customers. This eliminates items being manufactured on site and saves you time and labour. The VacuTech conforms to ISO standards with test points and exhaust which makes servicing of the unit very quick.

    Dairymaster vacuum pumps when used in conjunction with the Dairymaster V Saver offers you the most efficient option available and can help you reduce your energy costs. These units are space efficient, pre-assembled and ready for installation. They have a stainless steel belt protective guard. A safety float switch is incorporated into the interceptor vessel which results in automatic shut off if the interceptor overfills.