Improve cluster

    Stainless Steel Positioning Arms1

    Get an unrestricted
    flow of milk...



    Stainless Steel Positioning Arms2

    Improve cluster

    Stainless Steel Positioning Arms3

    Stainless Steel Positioning Arms

    The Dairymaster Cluster Positioning Arm holds the cluster in the best position behind the cow during milking. As cows enter and exit the cluster is stowed neatly under the Stainless Steel Protective Unit for the safety of the equipment and unobstructed cow movement. The unique design means that shorter milk tubes can be used improving safety and reducing maintenance costs.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Cows enter and exit the bails with ease.
    • The cluster swings into position behind the cow making it easy for the cups-on operator.
    • Tubes are not twisted meaning there is an unrestricted flow of milk through the system.
    • The cluster is neatly positioned and improves cluster alignment.