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    Integrated AutoDrafting/Sorting

    • Frustrated sorting cows?


      We have the system for you. Ultimate cow control, the system works so you don't have to!

    • Better management decisions

      • Heat detection.
      • AutoWeighing.
      • Auto test sprayer.
      • Veterinary intervention.
    • Labour saving system


      Cows can be pre-programmed for drafting. A choice of 2 way or 3 way drafting available with more segregation options if required.


    How do I find and separate cows?

    Dairymaster Integrated AutoDrafting is a cow sorting system which is unrivalled in terms of performance and build quality. It is available in a choice of 2-way and 3-way integrated autodrafting systems which may be combined when more segregation options are required.

    The route for individual cows can be selected from the parlor pit using the milk meter keypad, pre-programmed before milking on the parlor PC or directly from your mobile cell phone using Farm Messenger.

    Cows can be pre-programmed to draft for any number of reasons. For example, if a number of cows need to be segregated for a veterinarian visit then the operator can program the computer to draft the identified cows to a holding pen or crush for the visit.

    Drafting information may be modified by keying in CowID, Group or a previous veterinary history, e.g. cows that were artificially inseminated on a certain date range.

    The Cow Motivator may be added as an optional accessory to maintain cow flow. This is particularly useful when drafting systems are installed away from the milking parlor.

    The Dairymaster Integrated AutoDrafting is an ideal cow segregation system for large herds as cows can be easily sorted in a number of directions.

    Integrated Auto Drafting Sorting

    The AutoDrafting unit is of robust construction and hot-dipped galvanised. All gates on the drafting unit are hinged on low friction bearings. Saloon entry gates on the drafting unit provide accurate separation of animals.

    Auto weighing for recording live body weights on a regular basis is available as an optional addition to the drafting crate. Auto teat spraying is also available.