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    Swiftflo Fast Exit Milking Parlor

    • Better cow control


      During milking the cow is positioned for optimum cluster attachment and alignment, therefore cows are more relaxed content during milking!

    • Fast loading, fast exit


      Each cow has her own clearly defined space, this results in much quicker and easier loading. Once milked the bailing raises to facilitate an unobstructed exit.

    • Extremely space efficient


      An unique feature is that feeding can be installed, in this situation feed troughs move forward & upwards as cows are released making it very space efficient.


    • Milking benefits


      Milk the Dairymaster way with unique milking characteristics.

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    • Advanced technologies


      These advancements get results!

      Learn to do tasks in a more efficient way by using technology.

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    Less time milking?


    Cows are more relaxed & content during milk...

    During milking the cow is positioned for optimum cluster attachment and alignment. Because of the design of the Swiftflo plus bailing cows are more relaxed and content during milking. Because of the angle of the cow standing it is much safer for the operator during cluster attachment and there is also less walking for the operator during the milking process.

    Cows make a fast exit...saving you time!

    The design of the Dairymaster Swiftflo plus Bailing means that each cow has her own clearly defined space, this results in much quicker and easier loading and all spaces are allocated in sequence as the cows enter the parlor.When all of the cows have been milked, the Swiftflo Plus Bailing is raised to facilitate their unobstructed exit. When each row of cows are milked the Swiftflo plus bailing is raised above the cows - this creates a clearway for exiting.

    Fast -exit

    Complete integration with parlor automation.

    The Swiftflo Plus Bailing may be linked with the Milk Manager to monitor parlor performance and throughput. One of the unique features of this system is that feeding can be installed which allows cows to be fed individually. In this situation feed troughs move forward and upwards as cows are released.

    One of the major advantages of this system is that it is very space efficient which means that it may be lowered sooner than conventional systems, this results in reduced milking time.

    The opportunity to possibly increase milk payments…

    As farms are getting larger the Dairymaster ClusterCleanse is an immense aid for improving milking hygiene and is of great assistance for farmers fighting the battle against the spread of contagious mastitis during milking such as Staph Aureus.
    The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse rinses each cluster after each cow is milked which results in a more hygienic cluster for the next cow. This reduces the risk of "cow-to-cow" cross infection and contagious mastitis. Lower SCC means higher milk quality payments and better herd health.

    Normally when a cow that is infected with Staph Aureus bacteria is milked, these bacteria remain in the liner in large quantities and can be spread to subsequent cows. Usually this is controlled by segregating cows with an infection and milking them last. The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse eliminates this requirement.


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