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    efficiency &

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    Our technology
    revolves around you!

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    excellent milk out!


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    Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Milking Parlor

    • Milking with less labour

      Milking with less labour

      The revolver rotary parlor milks more cows, in less time, with less labour.

    • Automation with intelligence

      Automation with intelligence

      Increased efficiency by controlling all functions from the Control Console including the feeding system and automatic backing gates.

    • Decades of experience

      Five decades of experience

      Innovative R&D by Dairymaster providing you with the best revolver rotary parlor!

    • The best build quality

      The best build quality 2

      The revolver rotary is built in-house & built for heavy duty use. All parts are manufactured in the same location for optimum integration.

    • Milking benefits

      Better milking

      Milk the Dairymaster way with unique milking characteristics.

      Find out more here!

    • Advanced technologies

      Key components

      These advancements get results!

      Learn to do tasks in a more efficient way by using technology.

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    Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Components...

    • Automatic Parking

      Automatic Parking
      • This automatically decides the wash position of the plant.

      More info here

    • Console

      • Total control of all functions at the press of a button.

      More info here

    • Cow Motivator

      Cow Motivator
      • Encourages forgetful cows to leave the platform.

      More info here

    • Cow Retention

      Cow Retention
      • Enables cows to be retained on the platform.
      • Further intelligence where weighall milk meters are installed.

      More info here

    • Drive Units

      Drive Units
      • Rapid response giving the operator complete control of revolver movements.

      More info here

    • Gland

      • Choice of gland depending on number of connections.
      • Reduced labour.
      • Increased efficiency.

      More info here

    • Milk Recording & Sampling

      Milk Recording & Sampling
      • Uninterrupted milking as recording taking place inside rotary table.
      • Carry out milk recording in a safe, clean environment.

      More info here

    • Platform

      • Designed for your requirements.
      • Better built, robust platform.
      • Better integration with all products.

      More info here

    • Rotating Wash Boom

      Rotating Wash Boom
      • Easily wash a large area with minimum effort.
      • Dramatically reduces wash time.

      More info here

    • Secondary Info Centre

      Secondary Info Centre
      • Information in an ideal location especially for milk samplers.

      More info here

    • Stainless Steel Positioning Arm

      Stainless Steel Positioning Arms
      • Retracts the cluster allowing the cow to easily enter &  exit.
      • Unrestricted flow of milk due to short milk tubes.

      More info here

    • Stainless Steel Protective Unit

      Stainless Steel Protective Unit
      • Protects your most valuable equipment.
      • Maintain parlor hygiene.

      More info here

    • Rotary Entrance Gate
      Rotary Entrance Gate
      • Allow each cow her own opportunity and space to enter onto the platform without pushing or shoving from the rest of the herd.

    One of the worlds most advanced revolver rotary parlors...


    Do you want to have one of the most advanced revolver rotary parlors?

    The Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Milking parlor is one of the world's most advanced rotary parlor systems. All of our technology in conventional parlors may be utilized in this system as well as many new developments in this unique design.

    The parlor does the work for you!

    In a fully automated parlor each cow wears transponder ear tags, these register with the computer as they pass the electronic reader and each cow is automatically identified by Dairymaster Technology. The cluster positioning arm holds the cluster in the optimum position behind the cow while milking. Our unique design means that shorter milking tubes are used which reduces maintenance costs and improves milking characteristics. The operator easily moves the cluster arm into position behind the cow thus ensuring proper alignment. Operator and cow comfort is of paramount importance to Dairymaster. Optimum udder presentation speeds up cluster attachment enabling the operator to milk with ease, speed and a minimum of stress. A double modular rump rail not only improves cow comfort and facilitates easier access for the operator but also minimises the risk of the operator being kicked. Platform speed can be adjusted by the operator at any stage during the milking process from the operator console.

    Rotary Dairymaster

    The majority of the equipment is located inside the rotary turntable ensuring a longer working life and a cleaner, safer milking environment.

    The central gland is one of the key components in all rotary milking systems. Dairymaster has engineered its rotary glands to be the most technologically advanced in the world.

    Two unique features of the Swiftflo revolver are the Cow Motivator and Auto Retention. Our intelligent software programme, the milk manager, monitors cows on the platform and works in conjunction with the Cow Motivator to encourage forgetful cows to leave the platform when they have been milked. As cows enter onto the platform an auto retention device drops into place behind the cow. The milk manager program checks each cows yield and milking time against her normal statistics and if outside user defined limits the retention device will retain the cow and send her back to the operator again. If a cow's statistics are as normal when the cow is fully milked the Auto Retention device lifts and the Automatic Cluster Remover removes the cluster gently away from the cow and she easily reverses off the platform.

    We have a design especially for you...

    Equipment levels are dependent on the level of automation desired by a particular farmer. Some farmers have chosen to install fully automated Swiftflo Revolvers immediately whereas others have installed plants with a view to adding automation features later. The Swiftflo Revolver may be designed in a range of sizes to meet the needs of each customer. Our design team are on hand to assist with all aspects of parlor design and our highly experienced technical staff can provide comprehensive advice and assistance.

    The cow is automatically identified…How?

    In a fully automated parlor each cow wears transponder ear tags, these register with the computer as they pass the electronic reader and each cow is automatically identified by Dairymaster Technology. As each cow enters the parlor, the system will call out any message that you have entered for a specific cow. This message can be repeated during cluster alignment. Upon entering the rotary a small amount of feed is dispensed to the cow which encourages fast loading. When the unit is being attached the remainder of her allocated feed is dispensed, this usually results in a more content cow when the cluster is attached. Scientific trials have also shown higher levels of oxytocin are present when cows are fed during milking.

    The best build quality!

    Building layout is an important aspect of any milking facility or housing complex. Overall efficiency can be enhanced by optimum parlor and building layout. In addition cleaning costs can be reduced and cow flow improved dramatically by implementing best design practices. The Dairymaster design team will tailor a plan for your parlor to cater for your specific needs. Dairymaster have extensive experience over the last number of decades in parlor design and in the layout of facilities.

    Our rotary is constructed from heavy gauge steel in individual sections and then hot dipped galvanised for maximum protection and ensures a longer life span for your parlor.

    Protecting your investment...

    When milking is completed, it is necessary to connect the platform to a stationary wash arm. Upon flicking a switch on the control panel automatic parking will be activated. This will automatically align the platform to the correct washing position without the operator having to wait beside the control panel.

    Automatic skirt washing is an optional extra, this cleans the rotary skirt as the platform revolves. The skirt washing also uses water in addition to mechanical brush washing, this water is supplied through the rotary gland. Automatic skirt washing reduces the amount of washing and improves parlor hygiene and appearance.


    The opportunity to possibly increase milk payments…

    As farms are getting larger the Dairymaster ClusterCleanse is an immense aid for improving milking hygiene and is of great assistance for farmers fighting the battle against the spread of contagious mastitis during milking such as Staph Aureus.
    The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse rinses each cluster after each cow is milked which results in a more hygienic cluster for the next cow. This reduces the risk of "cow-to-cow" cross infection and contagious mastitis. Lower SCC means higher milk quality payments and better herd health.

    Normally when a cow that is infected with Staph Aureus bacteria is milked, these bacteria remain in the liner in large quantities and can be spread to subsequent cows. Usually this is controlled by segregating cows with an infection and milking them last. The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse eliminates this requirement.

    Decades of experience providing the best solutions.

    The continued growth of the Dairymaster brand worldwide and the increased demand for Dairymaster equipment is due to its popularity with farmers all over the world, who value the high performance capabilities of the equipment and its innovative features.



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