Excellent cow

    Swiftflo Bailing

    Designed to make
    cows more content
    during milking!

    Swiftflo Bailing 2

    The ultimate in
    cow control!

    Swiftflo Bailing 3

    Swiftflo Bailing

    Dairymaster Swiftflo Bailing is the ultimate means of individual cow control in the milking parlor.

    The design of the Dairymaster Swiftflo Bailing means that each cow has her own clearly defined space, this results in much quicker and easier loading and all spaces are allocated in sequence as the cows enter the parlor. During milking the cow is positioned for optimum cluster attachment and alignment. Because of the design of the bailing cows are more relaxed and content during milking. With the angle of the cow standing it is much safer for the operator during cluster attachment and there is also less walking for the operator during the milking process. When all of the cows have been milked, the Swiftflo Bailing is raised to facilitate their unobstructed exit. As each row of cows are milked the Swiftflo Bailing is raised above the cows - this creates a clearway for exiting. The Swiftflo Bailing may be linked with the Milk Manager to monitor parlor performance and throughput.

    Swiftflo Bailing offers several advantages and unique features including the following:

    • Enhanced cow control.
    • Correct milking unit positioning.
    • Adjustable bail gates for even better control of different sized herds.
    • Fast loading as the first cow can only occupy the first position.
    • Fast unloading as there is double exit space.
    • Complete integration with parlor automation.
    Swiftflo Bailing

    The operator can control the Swiftflo Bailing from anywhere in the pit. The Swiftflo Bailing is fully galvanised and of an extremely robust construction. The compressed air operation of the Swiftflo Bailing enhances reliability and offers precise operation.