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    Auto Weighing

    Auto Weighing

    The Dairymaster Automatic Weighing system is the perfect accessory to our Integrated Auto Drafting System where live body weights are required on a regular basis. Accurate body weights can be obtained easily with little or no effort which allows the comprehensive monitoring of weight gain and control of feeding.

    Accurate separation of animals is achieved using the drafting system and an additional set of front gates hold the cow in position so her weight can be recorded. The weighing platform is of concrete construction, which ensures a non-slip surface. Dairymaster Auto Weighing completes the measurement cycle in accurate performance monitoring of your dairy herd.

    The Dairymaster Automatic Weighing system is very easy to use and is a fast automatic operation. The platform is non slip and it is very accurate. This labour saving equipment allows you to feed and draft cattle based on body weight.