Milk at your height...



    Comfort+ Flooring1

    Are you tired of
    bending over?

    Comfort+ Flooring2

    Small or Tall?
    Adjust the floor
    to suit all.

    Comfort+ Flooring4

    Comfort+ Flooring

    Providing an operator friendly working environment in the parlour maximises the working efficiency and productivity of your operation. Dairymaster's Comfort+ Flooring provides the operator with the most comfortable working environment and helps reduce operator fatigue. This ergonomic moveable floor is available for all types of milking parlours.

    The Comfort+ Floor has a number of pre-determined height levels which can be saved to memory depending on the operator preferences. There is also a wash memory level that lowers the floor making it quicker and easier to attach the clusters to the jetters saving you time and effort. The Comfort+ Floor also facilitates easier sampling. The matting used on the floor is easy to clean as it is made of perforated plastic. This matting which is long life and non slip also facilitates easy draining so that is does not hold the water.