High quality milk requires
    high quality filters!

    Precision Milk Filters1

    High quality milk requires
    high quality filters!

    Precision Milk Filters2

    Precision Milk Filters

    High Quality Milk requires High Quality Filters!

    Dairymaster have a range of filters available to suit all parlour sizes. The Dairymaster Swiftflo Precision filter is the result of our continuous research and development and is the ultimate in high performance milk filtration which results in more cost effective milk production. Our Swiftflo Precision filters when used in conjunction with Swiftflo Precision filter elements provide excellent filtration characteristics with low milk flow restriction and superior sediment retention.

    The filter is constructed from stainless steel and incorporates a robust filter frame. A re-usable filter element is fitted to ensure optimum milk filtering. In larger installations filters may be combined and the system can be configured so that filter changing during milking is possible.

    A filter prevents any foreign material from entering the plate cooler through to the milk tank. This ensures optimum efficiency of both the Dairymaster plate cooler and your milk tank. Providing filters are changed and sterilized on a regular basis this ensures that you get the best quality milk.