Control the flow for optimum cooling...

    Variable Speed

    Variable Speed Milk Pumping (Variflo+)

    The Variflo+ provides efficient cooling and gentle milk transport as it responds to the level of milk in the receiver and controls the water flow through the cooling system.  Milk flow into the receiver varies both throughout the year and during milking. Variable speed milk pumping is used when optimum cooling and gentle milk transport is required. The plate cooler is utilized 3 to 4 times more when compared to typical milk pump controls.

    The height of milk in the receiver is measured and the output of the milk pump is matched to the cumulative quantity of milk in the receiver jar. This system ensures the pump speed increases as the milk level increases. When the milk level is low, the pump speed is reduced. The cooling water supply can be switched off by a solenoid when the milk pump is inactive. The result is a controlled milk flow through plate coolers and gentler milk handling with less water usage.