Better communication
    better herd management!



    The Dairymaster VoiceAssist enables the parlour to communicate directly to the operator during milking using voice and audio messages. The possibilities are endless and the applications of this unique and innovative feature are quite diverse which makes it a favourite on farms worldwide.

    This system is an especially useful management tool where there are changes in milking personnel as important information can be communicated easily between them. The real benefit of this system is the operator is effortlessly made aware of what's happening during milking. VoiceAssist is an ideal management tool on any dairy farm.

    The system which is operated through the Milk Manager parlour management software program can be configured so that some messages are enabled automatically and others may be enabled by the user. If the user would like a message to be associated with a particular cow, he/she will enter the information on the computer.

    Voice Assist

    When cows enter the parlour the system counts each cow as she passes the reader, if the user has enabled a message for a specific cow that message will also be called when she enters the parlour. This message will be repeated on cluster attachment. During the milking process the system continues to monitor milking, if a cow has a deviation in milk yield the operator will be immediately alerted.

    VoiceAssist keeps the operator informed of the operation of other devices such as backing gate, drafting and so on. The operator can be advised of factors affecting parlour performance for example loading and unloading.

    The operator can also control the parlour entertainment system through the Weighall Milk Meter control console. The Weighall Milk Meter operates as a remote control and the volume can be adjusted as well as changing CD tracks. When a message on a particular cow is to be announced, the music will fade out momentarily so that the message will be clearly heard by the operator.