Isolate cows without
    the need for a PC...

    Stand alone drafting 1

    Convenient, efficient
    and safe way to
    segregate your cows!

    Stand alone drafting 2

    Standalone AutoDrafting/Sorting

    • Labour saving system


      This system facilitates a one man operation, therefore not needing help to segregate cows.

    • Less stress on cows


      Compared with manual drafting there is added convenience and minimum disturbance on cows eliminating cow agitation during sorting.

    • Better management decisions

      • Heat detection.
      • Veterinary intervention.
      • Feeding patterns.
      • Breed.
      • Weight.



    Would you like a convenient, efficient way to segregate cows?

    Standalone AutoDrafting is a convenient means of isolating cows without the need for a PC. The Standalone AutoDrafting crate has the same high build quality as the integrated AutoDrafting. When a cow is required to be drafted the operator attaches a velcro tag to the cow's tail. A blue tag is attached for drafting to the right, a yellow tag for drafting to the left and cows without a tag walk straight ahead.

    Dairymaster's standalone AutoDrafting is a convenient, efficient and safe way to segregate your cows. The drafting crate is of an extremely robust construction. It's modular design makes it easy to extend and upgrade as desired. The Drafting unit is made of prefabricated hot dipped galvanised sections.

    Standalone AutoDrafting provides the farmer or herd manager with a high level of control over the herd. No computer is required for the standalone version. There is a choice of two or three way drafting available. The system is easily upgraded to Integrated AutoDrafting which can also incorporate automatic weighing.

    Standalone Auto Drafting _Sorting

    With drafting you reduces the risk of drafting the wrong cow and there is minimal disturbance to the routine of other cows.

    Dairymaster Drafting is a convenient, efficient and labour saving way to automatically sort your cows during milking.