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    One operator, 1300 goats per hour...

    Dairy goat farming is a growth area with an increasing demand for goat's milk for cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream and liquid milk consumption. A successful goat farmer requires the best milking system in order to maximise profit and increase efficiency.

    Efficient equipment is essential with goat farming, since the productivity of the goat is limited and it is necessary to milk a large number of goats in order to maintain a reasonable profit. With this in mind Dairymaster have applied its expertise and innovative technologies to design one of the world's most automated goat rotary.

    The Swiftflo Goat Rotary has been designed to give optimum operator and goat comfort. Our unique design means that shorter milking tubes are used which reduces maintenance costs and improves milking characteristics. The cluster is conveniently located directly under the goat's teats in a robotic carriage in the platform of the rotary. Optimum udder presentation speeds up cluster attachment enabling the operator to milk with ease, speed and a minimum of stress.

    Goat milking

    The unique design of the Dairymaster Swiftflo Goat Rotary parlour has allowed farmers to achieve a cluster attachment rate of under 2.5 seconds. When the goat has fi¬nished milking the teat cups are removed automatically. The cluster can then be automatically sanitised to reduce the risk of cross contamination and is then stored hygienically underneath the rotary platform. There is also the option of automatic teat spraying.

    It is a revolutionary way of milking goats as it uses a new design of rotary milking system with a robotic carriage where 1 operator can milk up to 1300 goats per hour for herd sizes of 500 goats and above.