Using science & technology
    to make dairy farming more
    profitable, enjoyable
    and sustainable!

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    Customer service
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    Commitment to ongoing
    research & development...

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    High performance
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    Why choose Dairymaster?

    • R&D

      R and Dnew.jpg

      We use R&D to gain further knowledge & understanding, putting the concept through production in order to fulfill the needs of the dairy farmer!

    • Product range

      Product Range

      Innovative range of:

      • Milking Parlours.
      • Feeding Equipment.
      • Milk Cooling.
      • Automatic Scrapers.
      • Heat Detection & much more...


    • Advanced technologies

      Advanced technologies

      These advancements get results!

      Learn to do tasks in a more efficient way by using technology.

      Find out more here!


    • Design & installation


      Dairymaster will tailor a plan to suit your specific requirements & many parlours have been installed in less than a week!



    • Service


      Dairymaster offer a comprehensive service to our customers focused on keeping your system maintained to the highest standards.

    • Decades of experience

      Five Decades of Experience

      Over the past five decades, we have consistently raised the benchmark and become a recognised world leader in dairy equipment manufacturing.


    What can Dairymaster do for you?


    What does Dairymaster have to offer?

    Dairymaster is different when it comes to milking cows! We have focused on improving performance, cow comfort and efficiency in milking cows. We are regarded as a world leader in the development and manufacture of labour saving, automated devices for the global dairy industry.

    Dairymaster's innovative product range encompasses five key areas: Milking Parlours, Feeding Equipment, Milk Cooling, Automatic Scrapers and Heat Detection.

    Dairymaster milking systems have top performance when tested in accordance to new ISO International Standards for milking equipment.

    What makes us different?

    • On average a Dairymaster parlour typically milks each cow 1 minute faster.
    • In recent scientific trials the Dairymaster cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commercially available cluster.
    • Dairymaster milking equipment has been designed to have the lowest levels of liner slip, excellent milk out and lower shear forces on teats which is better for udder health.
    • Dairymaster pulsation is very similar to the natural way of milking as the vacuum profile of a Dairymaster milking unit closely follows that of a calf suckling.
    • Dairymaster milking systems have top performance when tested in accordance to the latest ISO International Standards for milking machines.

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    Why choose Dairymaster

    Shaping ideas into reality!

    Dairymaster first focuses on getting the basics right and once these are perfected we look at further innovation. Dairymaster has researched all aspects of dairy farming and dairy herd management from its own in-house R&D department and has developed unique technologically advanced solutions aimed at making dairy farming more profitable by reducing long term costs and labour inputs. We vigorously test our products through scientific trials in order to achieve peak performance capabilities.

    Labour is an important aspect of any operation, we strive to achieve a better working environment and easier lifestyle on the farm by automating many tasks. We develop software in-house to meet this very important requirement.

    It is the company's commitment to on-going research & development which has resulted in the unrivalled performance which is only found with Dairymaster equipment.

    Be sure that your installation will run smoothly & completed on time...

    The design department ensure customers' needs are carried right through to finished product.

    Dairymaster have extensive experience over the last number of decades in parlour design and in the layout of facilities. We have standard drawings, which provide many sample plans however drawings can also be customised to integrate with existing farm facilities. Working with Dairymaster's design team we will tailor a plan for your parlour to cater for your specific needs.

    Dairymaster Equipment is made from advanced materials and built in a modular format. All the parts for the parlour are manufactured in the same location ensuring optimum integration. All of our equipment is factory prepared and assembled on site, enabling efficient, quick installation with less labour giving you value for money on your investment. Installation time is kept to a minimum and many parlours have been installed in less than a week.

    State of the art features!

    • Auto ID - Dairymaster has pioneered the use of RFID technology in milking parlours and has considerable experience in identifying cows using ear tag technology.
    • Milk Manager The Dairymaster Milk Manager is a powerful parlour management solution which controls and communicates with automation to provide you with instant parlour information whenever you need it.
    • Voice assist - The Dairymaster VoiceAssist enables the parlour to communicate directly to the operator during milking using voice and audio messages. The possibilities are endless and the applications of this unique and innovative feature are quite diverse which makes it a favourite on farms worldwide.
    • MooMonitor - You cannot be with your cows 24/7, so you need to use the available tools to ensure that all cows in heat are identified for service. Dairymaster's MooMonitor system is the management tool that gives you accurate information at your fingertips.
    • Farm Messenger - The Dairymaster Farm Messenger enables you have remote access to vital information and reports, anywhere and at anytime. Accurate and timely information is the key to success!
    Dairymaster Iphone

    Enhanced customer service...

    Dairymaster's personal approach and accessibility to its customers ensures that its service doesn't end with the sale. Indeed, our aftercare service, on-going customer support and constant monitoring of product performance in the marketplace, has given the company an up to the minute understanding of all aspects of the industry as it evolves. This in-depth industry knowledge has allowed parallel development of products to satisfy dairy farmers' needs in today's highly competitive farming environment.