Speed up entry
    and exit from
    the parlour!

    Heavy Duty Stallwork

    Designed to allow
    the operator easier
    access to the cow!

    Heavy Duty Stallwork 2

    Heavy Duty Stall Work

    Dairymaster offer a heavy duty Stall Work option for industrial 24/7 milking operations.

    All of Dairymaster's Stall Work comes complete with overhead trusses which suspends the parlour. The double rump rail complete with the Stall Work offers unhindered access to cows and a comfortable, safe working environment. The rump rail design offers you the option to install stainless steel butt pans where a cleaner working environment is required. The rump rail and butt pan is ergonomically designed to allow easier access to the cow. All of our stall work options are designed to allow unhindered access for cows plus a comfortable and safe working environment for the operator. The design of the Stall Work is to speed up entry and exit from the parlour whilst allowing for the safest and most comfortable environment during the milking process.

    Another option available is either a galvanised or a stainless kerb rail. The design of the kerb rail makes for easier construction of the parlour pit and is ideal for installations where a low level wash line and AquaJetz are fitted.

    Heavy Duty Stall Work

    The design allows for optimum positioning allowing you to get closer to the cow during the milking operation. A further option to consider is split level drains. With split level drains less water is used during the cleaning process and operator time is also dramatically reduced.