Ed is now milking in excess
    of 150 cows per hour and has
    regained his pride in dairy farming.

    Ed OBrien - USA

    Award winning Dairymaster Farmer!

    Ed O'Brien recently accepted an award from Land O Lakes for Excellent Milk Quality for the last 12 months. This was a great honour for Ed coming from a family steeped in a strong dairy farming tradition. The O'Briens were the first farmers in the area to install a pipeline milking system in 1955 and have been respected dairy farmers for many years.

    The year 2000 was a particularly disappointing year for them with all-time high cell counts which had been rising steadily in the preceding years. The double-8 herringbone parlour they had installed back in 1967 was struggling to cope with a herd size of 240 cows, taking over 5 hours to complete each milking. Ed and his wife were frustrated and almost at the point of defeat when they found Dairymaster.

    After assessing the equipment, Dairymaster were confident of solving the O'Brien's problem. Dairymaster pulsation and clusters were installed on a trial basis in August of 2002 with the agreement that they would be returned in three months if they did not solve the problem.

    The world-renowned Dairymaster cluster, the unique liner design and the electronic pulsation system turned the situation around. The cows previously reluctant to enter the parlour were now entering with ease and their teat end condition improved significantly. In the next few months the milk line was changed to a mid-line to optimise the Dairymaster performance.

    The result of this exercise was that the O'Briens confidence was restored and they decided to continue with previously shelved plans to build a new milking parlour. Following consultation with the Dairymaster design team Ed decided on a 25 unit sided by side Swiftflo Dairymaster milking parlour. Ed is now milking in excess of 150 cows per hour and has regained his pride in dairy farming.

    The features of the O'Brien Swiftflo parlour include:

    •      Auto cow identification.
    •      Weighall milk meters.
    •      Swiftflo bailing.
    •      Automatic cluster removers (automatic detachers).
    •      Robotic drafting.
    •      Automatic Weighing.
    •      Up and over backing gate.
    •      Auto Washer.
    •      Voice messaging.
    •      Variable speed milk pump.