"You could not beat our Dairymaster parlour for labour efficiency and correctness of milking"

    David Swale


    15 years on and still increasing with the help of Dairymaster

    Joylan Farms in St Michaels, Preston, Lancashire installed a Dairymaster Swiftflo 18:36 parlour in July 1997 with the herd at 180 cows.  After seeing the benefit of Dairymaster's unique milking system they upgrading their original 16:16 low line parlour. The Swale family were committed to increasing their herd size and after a visit to the Dairymaster factory in Ireland, the Swale family invested in their future developments with the installation of the Swiftflo parlour, including feeders, Auto ID, and Weighall milk meters. 

    Now 15 years on the parlour milks 450 cows 3 times per day and although the parlour has been extended to 26:52 to cope with the increasing herd size they have kept the same equipment plus invested in Automatic Cluster Remover's and there is still room for further herd expansion with a further 100 cows being added this year.

    Joylan farms is well known throughout the UK and the world for their breeding of Holstein cattle including many bulls in the AI stud. With a herd average of over 10,000 litres and some top quality show cows within the herd the importance of the milking machine is paramount. "Dairymaster have provided us with a milking system that is unequalled. It milks the cow out cleanly and comfortably. We never have to reattach a unit and we have no kicking cows," says David Swale. The addition of the ACR's in 2006 was carried out to assist the milkers, as the cow numbers increased.  "We like to see the cows milked out cleanly, the ACR's are the best I have ever worked with for accuracy and ease of use" the herd manager commented.

    With cell counts low and mastitis at a minimum all the staff and more importantly the cows at Joylan Farms are delighted with the parlour. 15 years on and with increasing numbers and high yields the Dairymaster Swiftflo parlour at Joylan Farms in Lancashire has stood the test of time on some of the best cows in the country.

    "You could not beat our Dairymaster parlour for labour efficiency and correctness of milking" praises herd manager David Swale.