"I find Dairymaster great to deal with,
    their equipment is stronger and more
    robust than a lot of what's out there"

    Kevin Devane

    Kevin Devane

    The Ultimate in Cow Control

    Kevin Devane decided to install a new 12 unit Swiftflo Swingover Milking system on his farm in Ardmore, Lispole in Dingle Co. Kerry. The building is a new building and was constructed by Tommy Lynch with the concrete work carried out by James Murphy. One of the main reasons Kevin had for buying a new parlour was that he had no comfort in the old parlour and his future plans involved increasing cow numbers, in order to be able to do this one of his requirements was to have a good working environment.

    The main reason for investing in a new parlour was to speed up the milking process, in his old plant it took up to 2 hours to milk his 55 cows whereas now it takes approx 1 hour to milk 80 cows. Kevin is planning to up cow number even further aiming for 100 cows once he has new sheds up. With the old 6 unit plant Kevin felt he wouldn't be able to increase his cow numbers as it would have added to his time in the milking parlour considerably. Kevin's herd are made up of British Friesian cows and he farms on approx 100 acres of land. The dairy business was established 3 to 4 generations ago with Kevin and his father Seamus managing the farm now. The herd is milked twice a day at 8.00 am and again at 6.30 pm with 1 person managing milking.  

    Kevin's reasons for choosing Dairymaster are that he was very pleased with his previous parlour and he also commented that he would give top marks for the service he receives from Dairymaster. For Kevin, knowing that he won't be let down on the service side of things was a big influence on his decision. On the equipment side of it, one of the main features that interested Kevin was the Dairymaster Swiftflo Bailing as he says with it he has "mighty control over the entire herd". The Swiftflo bailing is "ideal for training heifers as it gives great control and it also eliminates any bullying, pushing or shoving in the parlour".

    On his plant Kevin decided to go for Turbo transfer recording Jars which he comments are great as you can see what each cow is milking, he also went with Automatic Feeders - Kevin decided to go with the feeders as they reduce workload considerably and "has a lot more control over the quantities of feed fed".

    Kevin also has Dairymaster Automatic Scrapers as in his opinion slats can be very dirty, he comments that with the scraper's it is also much cleaner outside the shed.

    The average production for his herd is 6.5/7 gallons which gives him a total annual output of approx 7,000 litres of milk. Kevin can see this increasing through additional cows to the herd. The diet of cows on the farm is made up of grass silage, with top up amounts of ration fed in the parlour both morning and evening.

    Kevin's SCC is approx 150 and TBC would be 8/9 with a butterfat ratio of 420. Kerry Co-op is supplied with the milk and it is collected every 3rd day. Kevin's herd is spring calving and he rears all his calves.

    Other enterprises on the farm include sheep, dry cattle, and they are also contractors for silage, bales and slurry. Last year Kevin cut 60 acres in the first cut in early May and then had 900 bales in the subsequent cuts.

    When dealing with Dairymaster Kevin comments that "I couldn't find any fault with them - I find them great to deal with, their equipment is stronger and more robust than a lot of what's out there and the service is fantastic and on top of all that or because of it the comfort in the parlour is top class."