"I chose the Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour because of it's speed, efficiency and low labour requirement"

    Roger Atkinson

    Roger Atkinson

    Swiftflo Revolver Opens the way for Herd Expansion!

    Roger Atkinson is the proud owner of a state of the art 50-point Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver on his 880 acre (366ha) farm near Penrith in Cumbria, UK. The revolutionary Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour allows the Cumbria producer to milk his 500 cow dairy herd in record time and he now finds the whole operation of milking is a piece of cake.

    According to Roger "I chose the Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour because of it's speed, efficiency and low labour requirement".

    Cows are milked twice a day through the 50-Point Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour, which is fitted with automatic milk recording, retention bars on each stall, a milk diversion line, computerised rationing, automatic cow identification, and an impressive shedding system, all of which combined enable Roger to fully milk out his herd in record time.

    As cows enter the parlour auto identification, in the form of an ear tag, detects the presence of the cow in the bail. When Roger attaches a cluster to a cow, the auto retention bar drops in place behind the cow. The Dairymaster software then checks the cows yield and milking time against her normal statistics and if there are differences present the retention bar holds her in place and will send her round to Roger again. This ability to recognise that a cow is showing deviation from its norm is probably one of the most unique features of the Dairymaster system. This also gives Roger more time to decide where the cow should be shedded to after milking. The key benefit of this retention system, which is unique to the Swiftflo Revolver, is that it ensures that cows are fully milked out on the rotary. There is also a Dairymaster up and over backing gate in the collecting yard, which advances automatically after each batch of 20 cows is milked to maintain an even flow of cows into the parlour.

    The Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlour is also fitted with a milk diversion line, which allows Roger to take milk from freshly calved cows directly and put it into the automatic feeding system of an adjoining calf building on his farm, thus enabling calves to be reared on diverted milk.

    According to Roger the Swiftflo Revolver will allow him to cope with further expansion of the herd if needed in the future. When asked why Roger chose Dairymaster he said, "The main reason why I chose the Swiftflo Revolver was because of its high performance capabilities. That was something, about which I could only have dreamed of before the Revolver was installed. Also I am highly impressed by the level of service that I have received from the company, they have a high expenditure on R&D from which I benefit because my Revolver will be constantly updated with any new developments. Service like that gives me confidence when using such high tech equipment".