"The Dairymaster milkers stay on and milk the cows out well."

    Roman Stoltzfoos

    Stoltzfoos Generic

    High Performance Milking System

    Roman and Dwight Stoltzfoos farm in the state of Pennsylvania and have installed a 22 unit Swiftflo milking parlour having recognised its speed and performance benefits.

    Roman was asked why he likes his Dairymaster milking system and this was his response: "We currently milk around 118 cows in less than an hour with an adult and a 10-year-old child. The Dairymaster milkers stay on and milk the cows out well. We enjoy our swing 22 and could recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy milking cows. First-calf heifers adjust well with most coming in and getting milked with no trouble at all the first time. This is the most reasonably-priced high performance milking system we could imagine. We anticipate being able to milk 150 cows per hour when we are fully adjusted and the cows are fully trained".