"I like the way it milks the cows, the swing design moves like you should".

    Roy Beardslee

    Beardslee Generic

    State of the art facility in Pennsylvania!

    Roy and Tim Beardslee of Troy, PA., U.S.A., have recently built an all new state of the art 500 cow facility including a 6 row freestall barn and a 22 mid line side by side Swiftflo parlour in a parallel design. The Beardslees researched many parlour designs before finally choosing the high performing Dairymaster milking system. There were two new Dairymaster parlours already in operation in northern Pennsylvania at the time.

    The Dairymaster claw operates under 4x0 electronic pulsation producing superior milk flow and improved teat end condition. Tim says "I like the way it milks the cows" also pointing out that "the swing design moves like you should". Swing arms means shorter hoses and a neat ergonomically enhanced working environment making milking a pleasurable experience. The Beardslees also fitted Swiftflo bailing, a unique cow indexing system that holds each cow individually for perfect cow positioning every time. As the cows enter the parlour they occupy one space and are separated by self-activated dividing gates. The Swiftflo bailing is raised clear of the cows when finished milking and they exit with ease and speed. The cows then pass through Robotic Drafting incorporating Automatic Weighing which will segregate cows based on pre-programmed information and record weights for analytical purposes. Auto ID is installed and the cows are recorded as they enter the parlour allowing information to be transmitted to the weighall milk meters. Automatic Cluster Removers are used at the end of milking cycle. All information gathered is integrated with the Dairymaster Milk Manager software.

    Milking three times a day at 65-67 pounds per day one operator is milking over 100 cows per hour in the Beardslee facility. Tim and Roy like the no nonsense durability of the Dairymaster system and are very happy with performance.